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Photos: Sandy Butler

TIME - Original Play

Creator, Designer and Maker



'Time', is an original project I did as one of my final projects at Edinburgh College of Art.

Time was born from personal experiences, historical research and reflections I had been playing around with for some time. It is a play, written by me, about a house where the veil of time is thin and several time periods co-exist in the same space. Elvira and Astrid, her grand-mother, are at the center, discussing life and death.

It has a stark colour scheme with surreal elements, using projection and lighting liberately. For a more in depth description of the project, please have a look in my Design Book, linked below.



Alice is chaotic and dramatic, addicted to the feeling of being loved and loves to be the centre of attention.


She is a professional at seducing men and women, but none of her relationships last long, as she is afraid to stay in one place too long and let anyone in.

Sketches of 1880s and late 1920s fashion
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